Sunday, November 25, 2012

Small Business Saturday/Stitchery Sunday

I recently got news of an impending inheritance. It's a tidy amount of money which will come in handy and help us rebuild our savings after last year's unemployment period and paying over $3k/month in health insurance that didn't cover most of our medical expenses (That's a whole 'nother blog story. For those of you who are covered, be thankful that you are. Coverage is expensive when you can get it). That took most of what little money we had left from selling our condo in Nashville (yes, before we lived in Ohio last year) and then some.

Receiving inherited money is a huge mixed emotion for me. I'd much rather have the person back instead of the money. But that won't happen. Then thinking about what to do with it is another issue. After some sleepless nights, I decided to pay off some debt, give some away to charity, pay off outstanding medical expenses, and build back our savings. Plus, I am taking a small portion out for hubby and I to treat ourselves with. While he's never met the person who left it to me, I'm sure that person would have liked him and okayed that part. Today we went out and bought him a good hunting rifle that he can pass down to family.

Me? I made my portion of it squeak... I was thinking of using some to buy an embroidery machine. Instead I indulged in some retail therapy on Small Business Saturday

Yesterday I had hubby drive me to Port Gamble to Quilted Strait to pick up some wool and thread.  I've been reading a lot about wool applique and I've always wanted to play around with it. (pinning a lot on Pinterest, as well!) So I stocked up on some wool and hand-dyed pearl cotton thread. I really love Weeks Dye Works threads. They are so beautiful. Combine that with some hand-dyed wool and you've got a winning combination. What you can't really see is that the darkest shade of wool in the background is a very dark (almost black) purple. So deep and rich. It's gorgeous! So expect some wool stitchery to show up in the future. Wool is pricey, and I hear it's only going to get more expensive. So I figured that now is the time to try it. A treat for myself.

In addition to the wool,  I picked up a book, two charm packs and a bag of precut hexies (should have bought two of the hexies  -- I'm lazy!). The book, Japanese Quilting by Yoko Saito has always fascinated me as well. I love the beauty of the neutrals combined with textures.

I also purchased a small kit from Wild Thymes Pattern Company to give me a way to centralize my stitchery tools. I love this little kit and I can't wait for it to come in. I may do a different design that what's pictured, but you can see the pattern/kit just the same.

I've been eyeing two fat quarter bundles and yardage in Bari J's Splendor 1920's. I loooove Bari J's fabrics. She is one awesome designer -- One of my favorites. So I'm treating myself to that. I figure a nice snuggly quilt would be a good way to remember my benefactor's afternoons of snuggling up and watching old balck and white movies. Yeppers. I'm thinking big honking squares of this fabric so I can enjoy each and every print.

Of course, no frilly quilt is complete without a pretty set of cups and saucers to drink tea from, so I purchased a small set of dainty and girly china. If you knew the Jean(ie) of the past, she was a dinnerware freak. I had over eight sets of china and already passed them down to the kids for them to enjoy.

This pattern, Old Country Roses by Royal Albert, has a special significance to me. Earlier in my retail career I hated it. We used to call it "Old Country Roaches". Hahahahaaha! At one point in my retail management career we were the #1 store for the whole corporation in selling this pattern. When I asked our lead associate how she sold so much, she smiled and she mentioned that The Queen probably took tea from this pattern. Hence the sentimental memory attached to it. As I've gotten older I learned to appreciate this pattern more. With me drinking more tea these past few years (good source of anti-oxidants to inhibit aging!), I thought I'd take advantage of it.  So I will be getting four 3pc place settings (dinner plates, cups, and saucers) in the mail next week. I also expect a tea pot, creamer, and sugar in the near future.

Now my daytime sewing group can have tea in style! Bring on the finger sammies and cookies!

So I'll be remembering my family member when I'm wrapped up in a comfy-cozy quilt, drinking tea, doing handwork, while catching an old black and white film on television. And that's just perfect for me.  That will bring me peace.


Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Nice goodies! Sort of a mixed blessing:)

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I like the way you are using your inheritance. :) Sorry about the loss of your loved one.

Malena said...

Great shopping :)
Love from Spain

Joy said...

What fun choices you made for your "treat"! Especially the OCR china- it is a fav of mine, too. I recently bought myself one OCR teacup and saucer at the Royal Doulton outlet store, and one in their OCR Christmas pattern. I'll be having my tea in that one through December! Hugs!

Denise :) said...

Fun little treasures! You know, Jean, whatever you get with the part of the inheritance you set aside for a 'treat' -- that will be something you'll be able to look at and prompt fond memories of your lost loved one. I think of my mom *and* my Grandpa Wadleigh whenever I use my mom's Bernina -- she bought it with a portion of her inheritance money. It's rather sweet! :)